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Conflicts in development teams

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How can we avoid conflicts in software development teams?



First, you use automation for style. Linting rules enforced during PR is one of my favorites. Read this article to know more about conflicts in development teams.

Next, you agree on clean coding principles. For example, I was helping someone yesterday from another team who was assigned to write tests for a function with four nested levels of anonymous functions. That sort of thing violates the principles of ease of maintenance (and is untestable) and should not be a debate about “style”.

Naming conventions are well understood for each language and the language style guide should be followed. If you change languages, you change style guides. No exceptions. If you are using Hungarian notation, you’ve already failed.

The remaining things that fall under “style” should be a discussion and consensus reached. If the majority agrees, the minority accepts. If you cannot accept the majority decision, change teams. Don’t be a passive-aggressive drag on the team.


You are here » Android Box » General Discussion » Conflicts in development teams